SCADA Telemetry / Radio

Staley Automation has experience with designing both point to point and point to multipoint networks, be it using licensed or license-free hardware. We have extensive expertise with a range of common protocols, including DNP3, Ethernet/IP, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP and ASCII, and understand the bandwidth requirements associated with each and manage our design work accordingly.

Telemetry Turnkey Solutions

Beginning with transceiver and RTU selection, Staley Automation  provides turnkey telemetry solutions, involving panel design and drafting, solar panel and battery specification, as well as antenna and cabling selection in accordance with Australian Media and Communications Authority (ACMA) licensing restrictions. These complete solutions are then installed and rigorously tested.

Our Approach

Staley Automation provides Desktop and Field RF Path Surveys, RF Network Planning, Radio Selection, RTU Selection, Turnkey Solutions, Frequency Assignment and Licensing, Hardware Provisioning and Factory Acceptance and Site Acceptance Testing.

Why Staley Automation?

Staley Automation offer comprehensive audits of control hardware, encompassing PLCs, RTUs, SCADAs, HMIs and more, which enables the development of a system of backups and a plan for spares and upgrades. We are extremely mindful of today’s security requirements and will design, test and implement telemetry links with security in mind. This helps to keep our customers on the front foot, such that hardware and software recovery is not a stressful event.

image of radio telemetry software showing radio link signal strength and elevation data

Industrial Automation Industries

Staley Automation provides expert solutions for a diverse range of industries statewide and interstate.

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Across a broad spectrum of manufacturers, Staley Automation provide Control Systems that are integral to the production line.

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Food & Beverage

From Process control to conveying and packaging, Staley Automation can look after your control system needs.

image on an icon representing a pump and water tank at a water treatment plant

Water and Wastewater

Staley Automation provide the Water and Waste Water industries with peace of mind in relation to their control systems.

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From bespoke to proven technologies, Staley Automation can offer solutions to the Agricultural industry.

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When Mining companies require Electrical Control System design, Staley Automation can provide the solutions.

Registered System Integrators

Staley Automation are registered system integrators for:

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Need Help with SCADA Telemetry / Radio?

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