PLC Programming

When it comes to PLC Programming Staley Automation are at the cutting edge of technology.

Service Overview

Programmable Logic Controllers are the core of our industry and Staley Automation ensure that the programs are written to your specifications.

Our Approach

Using IEC 61131 standard PLC Programming languages and 20 years of experience Staley Automation will provide clients with the best practice outcome they deserve.

Why Staley Automation?

They work closely with the client to ensure they meet the expected outcome, they stay abreast of new innovative advancements in the industry and they provide support for their clients where required.

Industrial Automation Industries

Staley Automation provides expert solutions for a diverse range of industries statewide and interstate.


Across a broad spectrum of manufacturers, Staley Automation provide Control Systems that are integral to the production line.

Food & Beverage

From Process control to conveying and packaging, Staley Automation can look after your control system needs.

Water and Wastewater

Staley Automation provide the Water and Waste Water industries with peace of mind in relation to their control systems.


From bespoke to proven technologies, Staley Automation can offer solutions to the Agricultural industry.


When Mining companies require Electrical Control System design, Staley Automation can provide the solutions.

Registered System Integrators

Staley Automation are registered system integrators for:

Need Help With PLC Programming?

Our team of qualified and experienced PLC Programming experts have a proven track record of delivering innovative solutions for business just like yours. Speak to them today to see how they can help with your project.

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